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Nexus Conservatory Window Co Ltd, Norwich Road Briston. Triple glazing is exactly what it says ? three layers of glass, as an alternative of the two layers that are in double glazed units.

As you may imagine, triple glazing is more expensive than double glazing. The value difference averages between 30 and 50% greater than double glazing in lots of cases.

But is it value the additional money?

The reply to that question relies on your reasons for installing replacement windows. In case you are changing your windows due to mild condensation and deteriorating window frames, then it most likely is not worth the additional expense, and double glazed home windows will most likely be more economical for you.

Nevertheless, in case you have main problems with holding heat in, otherwise you dwell in an area of high noise levels, then triple glazing is more likely to be price the additional expense.

Triple glazing is extra environment friendly at noise discount and insulation as a result of instead of 1 layer of air between glass panes, there are two layers of air. In truth, power insulation might be as much as 60% better with triple glazing, versus double glazing. There may also be up to eighty% less heat transfer through radiated heat. That can pay for itself over the lifespan of the windows.

Noise reduction is significantly improved with triple glazing and it is typically installed in buildings on airport flight paths.

Condensation reduction is a lot better with triple glazing. Whereas double glazed home windows scale back condensation, triple glazed home windows scale back it even further.


Triple glazing is heavier than double glazing. Due to this, there are some limitations on its use.

There are measurement limitations for triple glazed casement windows, so if you have a large window that you just want to be a casement window, a greater possibility can be double glazing with argon gasoline in the gap, and thermal glass or noise reduction glass (relying on your specific wants). Call Nexus Conservatory Window Co Ltd for guidance.


There are comparatively few specialist triple glazing installation companies. It is important that if you want to have triple glazing put in, quite than double glazing, that you simply choose an organization who’re experienced in manufacturing and installing the merchandise, as triple glazing has different properties.

Whether you select double or triple glazing, you can ensure that you will make improvements to your property. Whether or not the additional value justifies the extra advantages that triple glazing will bring you, is up to you.

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