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If you’re looking for information on double glazing efficiency you may find that you’re bombarded with facts and figures which you may not fully understand. With our no-nonsense approach we’ve provided a basic guide to help you know what double glazing efficiency is.
All homes lose heat through their windows, however, by having energy efficient double glazing installed you’ll help to retain the heat, which will reduce energy bills and provide you with a more comfortable living environment in which to live.
Many double glazing manufacturers use an energy rating system to show the double glazing
efficiency of their windows and doors. The rating system used is similar to the system used for domestic electrical appliances, such as freezers and fridges. A-rated windows and doors are those which offer the best double glazing efficiency.
As double glazing is available in a wide range of styles and designs it is not only the double glazing
efficiency that you need to consider. You should also look at the efficiency of the frames and units available to suit your home and your budget.
UPVC frames are the most common as they are low maintenance.
Timber frames may have a lower environmental impact but they will require maintenance.
Aluminium frames are slimline and long lasting.
Composite frames have an internal timber frame which is covered with either plastic or aluminium to keep the frames weatherproof.
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