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To enable you to find Double glazing facts we’ve put them into sub-headings to help you to find the most useful double glazing facts at a glance.
Double glazing units or window frames can be made from a variety of different materials with timber, uPVC and aluminium being the most popular. Thermal performance of the double glazed widows and doors will be dependent on the materials used for their construction and instillation. One of the most well know double glazing
facts is that air or gases are trapped between the two panes of glass to given them their thermal insulation, noise reduction properties and security.
Double glazing have a rating which denotes their energy efficiency. Like many domestic appliances double glazing has an alphabetical energy rating, with A being the most energy efficient.
Double glazing types:
Double glazing is available in various different styles and designs, including single-hung windows, sash windows, bay and bow windows and double hung to name a few.
Internal heat loss is reduced helping you to save money on heating bills. Having double glazing installed can make your home more secure as it’s more difficult for thieves and burglars to break closed windows to enter your home. Condensation and frost on the inside of windows is eradicated when double glazing is installed correctly by a FENSA/ CERTASS registered companies.
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